Fleet Dashcam



The VS8000 AI camera solution is an advanced driver safety and fleet management tool that can help reduce accident rates, indemnify your drivers, and make the roads a safer place for all travelers. Its industry-leading telematics capabilities will take your fleet management to a new level.

Download the VS800 data sheet

FC8000 final


Introducing the VS-900, our comprehensive 5-channel video camera solution that seamlessly integrates with the EZ-750-3W to offer a complete video solution. The standard package includes road and cabin facing cameras, with the option to add up to three additional cameras for left, right, and rear views. Our cutting-edge AI technology is used to monitor and analyze the driver’s actions and the road ahead. By combining speed and TTT (time to target), the VS-900 intelligently determines which events to capture, whether it be road or driver facing. Choose the VS-900 for a sophisticated and reliable video monitoring system.

Download the VS900 data sheet

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