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Gain complete vision into all your assets. Reduce moonlighting, minimize theft and improve productivity by monitoring each vehicle, machine and trailer in your fleet from a single from a single dashboard. Improve utilization and understand which assets need preventative maintenance, increasing the life cycle of your investment.

Improve your CSA scores with accurate reporting that notifies you of upcoming maintenance, active Diagnostic Trouble Codes and daily engine hours. Easy-to-use interface allows for simplification of IFTA and DVIR compliance.

Our integrated platform helps you be proactive when it comes to compliance and avoid unnecessary downtime, which in return can increase the return on your investment.

Boost billing accuracy by tracking actual time on service calls, monitoring idle times at jobsites and analyzing trip reports to uncover inefficiencies throughout the day. React to customer requests with pinpoint accuracy by finding the closest driver based on proximity of the service call to improve response times. Benchmark peer performance over time to ensure job and service proposals are maximizing your bottom line.

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