Fleet Tracking



Introducing the EZ150, the ultimate professional-grade under-dash fleet solution that boasts a wide range of input and output options to power your fleet operations. This powerhouse device goes beyond standard fleet management tools with advanced features like impact and crash detection, driver behavior monitoring, driver identification and authentication, message logs, and temperature sensing. Designed for seamless professional installation, the EZ150 is the perfect solution for taking your fleet management to the next level.

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Looking to enhance the fuel economy of your fleet, improve driver performance, optimize vehicle maintenance, and refine your dispatching and route planning? Look no further than the EZ195 asset tracker. This user-friendly device is a breeze to install and offers invaluable insights that will help you take your fleet management to the next level. Maximize efficiency and minimize costs with the EZ195 asset tracker.

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Introducing the EZ250, the versatile asset tracker that is built to withstand the harshest conditions thanks to its sealed, rugged construction. The EZ250 includes an integrated CAN Bus interface which enables the device to read data, such as DTCs and idling, from the vehicle’s ECUs to optimize your fleet operations. Take control of your fleet management with the EZ250 asset tracker.

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FT500 final


Take your fleet management to the next level with the EZ500 telematics tracker. This advanced device provides real-time insights into driver location and speed, empowering you to stay on top of your fleet’s performance. With its cutting-edge technology, the EZ500 also gives you the data you need to stay ahead of necessary maintenance, ensuring that your fleet runs at peak efficiency. Don’t settle for anything less than optimal fleet management with the EZ500.

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Built for both light and heavy-duty vehicles, the EZ750 is our most advanced fleet tracking device featuring CAT4 connectivity with 3G backup to handle the most rigorous data requirements. With its robust device management system, the EZ750 is easily scalable to thousands of devices, making it the perfect solution for fleets of any size. The EZ750’s advanced driver-behavior analysis maximizes safety on the road, while enterprise-grade security ensures that your sensitive data is always protected. Don’t settle for anything less than the best with the EZ750.


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